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Our Story

Our story began in Charlotte, NC in May of 2014 on a blind date. As most of us know, these types of scenarios usually never last, but we haven’t spent a moment apart since that first day. We have gone on many adventures together and enjoy traveling and camping any chance we get. Knowing we wanted to start a family, we moved closer to relatives in Knoxville in 2015 where our love soon blossomed into a party of 3.

After dabbling in the world of amateur photography, we found our passion in Photo Booths because they capture such special and candid moments that are delivered instantly!  

Not only do we love making people laugh and smile, we really like being at events! So if you ever see us out, we encourage you to come say "hey" and see firsthand the enjoyment we have while making sure your Photo Booth experience is fun and light-hearted. We want to be able to share this passion with Knoxville, and surrounding areas (Yes, we travel!)

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